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Links to other memorial sites

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Greg and Mary
Greg and Son Drew
Greg's Hospital Corps School days
USMC days...
Friends forever...
Watching Baby Drew Grow up
Drew 2005-2006
Links to other memorial sites

In the search to find out more about what happened to Greg, I came across some beautiful tribute sites and others that keep up the information about the KIA/MIA/POW's of the Iraq troops. -Thanks- Shannon

Greg's cousin Ellen has done a memorial site for him as well, please stop by it. Family was a number one priority to Greg.

A very moving tribute to all our military. It takes a second or two to load, so please be patient.

US Marine Corps Iraq Memorial - In Memoriam of our Marine casualties in Iraq 2003-2004. Semper Fidelis Always Faithful

Marines Quilts...what started as a Marine's moms tribute to Marines who have died has grown into a beautiful tribute to all of those killed in combat

The Final Roll Call

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